KORN IP-55 Architect: lynx architecture

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Wood And Aluminium.

The KORN IP-55 wood and aluminium window system offers a wide range of options and great variability. Due to the special adhesive fixing of glass and frame the system permits window sashes up to 285 centimetres high. The sash is integrated into the frame, achieving an overall visible width of 55 millimetres or less, depending upon the installation situation.

Versatility: surfaces and materials like aluminium and wood allow exciting combinations and the KORN IP-55 system offers numerous options to do so.

There is a choice of oak, larch, meranti, spruce or pinewood. The various available wood and aluminium surface treatments, such as pigmentation, varnishes, painted coatings and anodisation, mean that KORN IP-55 can be used to accomplish almost any design idea and room atmosphere. Additional components such as venetian blinds, mosquito screens and sunshades are also available.



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